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Pingfest Poetry

Pingfest 46 in May, 2009, brought out the inner poet in many of our attendees. They were charged with writing a little poem about any one or all of these characters: Blanche, Norris, Emily, Rita, Betty and Ken. We had lots of great entries and a lot of fun thinking of what to write. Here are some of the poems that were written. Not all of them were signed, but the ones that were have the author(s) attached.

Ode to Blanche
Old, wizened and cranky,
At the Rovers most days,
She's rude and insulting
but has no problems with "the gays".
Her wit is ascerbic,
She ridicules Ken.
She nitpicks at Deirdre
like a clucking old hen
Yet still she has friends
Rita, Emily and Norris.
And with Eccles by her side,
Blanche never will bore us Wayne, Cherry and Fiona

(Spoiler Alert!)
Blanche is Deirdre's mother
And thinks Ken's in a spot of bother.
There's the book that he read
Then he went out with Ted.
But he'll have a tryst with another!

Ode to Blanche
She is feisty and she can be mean
She thought Ken was gay but that's ok.
Rita's her friend and Emily too
She loves Betty's hotpot
But Norris can't decide which one to have
either hot pot or a side.

There was an old lady named Blanche
Who Ken would like to put in a trance
But try as he may
Things don't go his way
Maybe someday he might have a chance. Linda

Ken strives to write his great book
Even Blanche can't sneak a look
Norris is more than curious
Making Rita and Emily furious
Meanwhile Betty is content just to cook.

A Lady Named Blanche
There once was a lady named Blanche
Who had trouble walking, but hey, could she dance!
She glided round the floor
The men shot out the door
We love our old girl named Blanche

Where would we be without Norris?
Who would gather gossip for us?
While sweeping the street, his heart skips a beat
When a scandal is brewing his mouth is a-moving
Though Rita wants to thump him,
Blanche says don't dump him
Where would we be without Norris? Anne, Bea and Karen

A corset maker named Blanche
had a tongue as sharp as the pins she used
to lead people a merry dance.
A heart of gold under a shell of cold steel
A gossiping old crone
She'll end up alone if she doesn't take care
She better beware!
Until that time comes
She'll plague her loved ones
Much to their despair!

On the Stree where Ken stays
Reside some of his pals with whom he spends his days.
Rita, Norris and Emily, too
Are just a few of the Street's True Blue.
The Street's been alive some 50 years strong
To which all us Corrie fans belong< br> Here's to 50 more we'll toast
Us Corrie fans we'll forever boast! Kat and Trudi

Nosy Norris
There was an old man from the shop
Who was known as a nosey old far
He never knew when to stop
When he is on the street with his mop
Our Norris plays a very good part.
Emily and Rita keep him in mind
as they sit in the pub sipping their cherry wine.

Ode to Doris Norris
Norris, Norris, you're so nosey,
You hear it all and it ain't rosy!
Your ears are always open wide
Secrets on the street, they can't hide.
Blanche and you, a couple should be
But I don't know which one would be the "he"
So maybe you should just settle for Emily!
Ken, Ken, You're Da Man
Your hair alone itself would stand
If on your head you did land
Not a wisp out of place, not even a strand! Cathy and "Bill Webster"

Rita had a partner named Len
But that was way back when
She now runs the corner shop
As a singer and dancer, she stopped.
Later she met Mr. Bradley
but that relationship went badly
Once she was partnered wtih Ted
But unfortunately he is now dead.
She now spends her days with Norris
Who Danny referred to as "Doris"!

About Blanche
There is a street called Coronation
And one character with whom we have a fascination.
She's got a hip that's Polish
And she likes to attend funerals, that's ghoulish!
She suspects her son-in-law has a fancy man
But we all know he's not a dandy Dan!
The One O'Clock Club and the bookies' for fun
We think Blanche Hunt is Number One!

I came to London to see Big Ben, instead I found Ken!
While I was looking for a florist, I came upon Norris.
I ate my spaghetti and then I saw Betty.
I found Blanche hiding behind the plants
and Rita protesting with PETA
While Emily watched tennis at Wembly.

Oh Norris, can you not stop all your whining?
Al the internet dating, for a wife you were pining
Though Rita is your business partner
Trying to get her to marry you was much harder.
Poor Emily with her heart of gold
Must surely think that living iwth you is getting old.
Perhaps if your nose was on your own business
You'd see that nosy old Blanche would be your perfect Missus! Catriona

Norris, the local newsclerk is as nosey as can be
He loves to stir up trouble, what a pathetic guy is he.
He's always listening to others whenever he gets the chance
But his stories are always better as they're usually enhanced!
When he and Rita banter, she puts him in his place.
But there's no stopping Norris. He just picks up the pace! Pat and Susan