Photo Gallery

Sam Aston with the Downeast Streeters Aug. 15, 2010

Corrie Crazy film crew, July 18, 2010

Chris being interviewed for Corrie Crazy

Celebrating 50 Halifax pingfests, April 25, 2010

Teams playing our new trivia game

Mike Shacklock cuts the cake

Neville MacKay of My Mother's Bloomers draws the winning tickets

Neville and Kim Morrsiscey of Coronation Travel

Kim Bland, our Grand Prize winner!

Wayne Grandy won the second prize

All of the winners

From Pingfest 40, October 28, 2007

At the 40th pingfest, Connie presents a gift to Mike
to thank him for bringing pingfests to Halifax.
It's a signed cast photo of David Neilson (Roy Cropper)
with a doodle/cariacature of "Roy" on the back, also by David Neilson

Crowd at Key Largos, Ping 40

Committee members Krista, Donna, Mike and Sandra

Committee member Diane talks to the crowd about the show

Group of fans enjoy Ping #42 at Key Largos

The Downeast Streeter Non Profit Society directors (plus one or two!) 2009:
Back Row - Chris Bailey, Margaret Thompson, Mike Shacklock, Celeste Henderson, Mark Grant, Wanda Priddle, Diane Johnston, Jackie Kearley
Front Row - Mike Thompson, Audrey Pride, Donna Gratton, Michael Le Vell, Connie Rose, Krista Bayart

Stellarton area Ping committee, 2008