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Pingfests in Halifax:

Halifax's 81st pingfest will be held Sunday, February 18, 2018

Time: 12 p.m. for those wishing to eat, with program starting at 1 pm.

BACK TO DARTMOUTH, PINGERS!: Parkside Pub and Smokehouse, 14 Highfield Drive, Dartmouth

Directions: If you are driving, go to Google maps and plug in the address to search. Don't forget to enter the province. You can get driving directions to/from there by clicking on a link that shows in a window that appears when you view the map. Click HERE for a map of the location.

Metro Transit route 52 via Lacewood and Mumford Road terminals via the Dartmouth Terminal and the Highfield Park terminal stops near the pub on Highfield Park drive. Route 66 from Penhorn, Tacoma Drive/Main Street and MicMac Mall goes as far as the Highfield Terminal on Sundays and the pub is about a 15 minute walk from there. Route 72 from Portland Hills terminal, via MicMac Mall and the Highfield Terminal also go up past the pub on Sundays. Check the Halifax Transit website for the pdf file of the schedules.

Program: Pings here in Halifax usually include a trivia quiz, Street Talk, a Coronation Street merchandise raffle, and maybe a game and a video.

We are limited in how many people the venue can hold, so please get your registration in ASAP! (If you have already registered for this pingfest, you do not need to do so again.) We hope to see you all there.

To register, please e-mail the below information:

            - First Name
            - Last Name
            - Favorite Character

Other Pingfests in Nova Scotia

There is no scheduled pingfest elsewhere in Nova Scotia at this time.

The first pingfest took place in the Henry House (Granite Brewery at that time) over the Canada Day long weekend in 1996. This was organized by local fan Mike Shacklock and there were about 2 dozen attendees. Little by little, word got around and our three-times yearly pingfest gatherings usually see anywhere from 50 to 85 people coming out for the afternoon. Here we are, with 50 pingfests and 7 Coronation Street personality events under our belt. Have a look here in our Gallery at a few photos from local Pingfests! At our May 2009 ping, we challenged our guests to write a funny poem about one or more of a group of characters. You can read the submissions here! All very talented!

What is a Pingfest?

A "Pingfest" or "Ping" is a get together of Coronation Street net-fans. We get together four times a year usually. These get-togethers involve food, games, showing of Corrie material, and discussions of current and sometimes future storylines. We always have fun, and we hope to see you at our next "Ping".

Stay tuned to this Web-Site for more information on our next "Ping",

Origin of the Name "Pingfest"

There are two theories of the origin of the name "Pingfest", - legend has it, that the word originated in the Coronation Street chat rooms, where people would buy each other cyber pints. Then one day, when someone was buy a cyber-pint, the work "pint" was inadvertently misspelled, it became "ping", and it stuck. Thus it became a "Pingfest" or "Pintfest".

The other theory, comes from a technology term called "Ping". To ping someone means to check the amount of time it takes to send information between two persons connected to the internet. Since a "Pingfest" is a get-together of Coronation Street Fans from the internet. It is thought it came from this technology term.

Either way, a "Pingfest" is a fun and great way to meet and get to know other Corrie fans in your area. So if you live in an area, that has "Pingfests", get yourself on their mailing lists, guaranteed you will have fun!!!!!

Celebrating 50 pingfests