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CBC TelevisionCBC's Coronation Street Website
The Coronation Street Fans website ( For all your archive, updates and profile needs
The Coronation Street Guestbook A lively forum where fans can discuss all things Corrie (and more!)
Coronation Street Blog A fabulous blog by the wonderful Glenda Young (Warning! Spoilers for all!) Official Coronation Street Site
Tvor's Coronation Street Page A Corrie website presented by Diane of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Diane has excellent write-ups of the Corrie personalities that have visited us here in Halifax.
Bluenose Corrie Blogger Diane's blog focussing on Coronation Street storylines and characters from the Canadian broadcast timeline without spoilers
State of the Street Another of Diane's blogs for Corrie on the UK timeline (Spoilers for non-UK watchers!)
Conversation StreetConversation Street, a great podcast about Corrie. For Canadians that don't like spoilers, listen on the dates stated for a week past the current week's UK episodes.
The World Of Coronation Street Tour The Web Site of tour presenter, Kemptville Travel.
The British Isles Show -Toronto Annual event in Toronto showcases people and items from the U.K.
"From the Tower of London to Coronation Street" Coronation Travel presents a group tour to the UK including Manchester and "Weatherfield" with host Neville MacKay
My Mother's BloomersOwned by florist and stalwart supporter of the Downeast Streeters, Neville MacKay
The Chronicle Herald Halifax's major daily newspaper
The British Isles ShopShop in Ajax, Ontario that carries lots of Corrie merchandise. NOTE: 15% off with promo code DE15
Lost on Coronation StreetShort Video reviews and views on Corrie in Canada.